20 Trips to Take in Your Twenties

20 Trips to Take in Your Twenties


Being in your 20s is like jumping head first into a whirlpool of uncertainty.

This is a magical time in your life where you’re young, relatively responsibility-free, and can explore the world while discovering yourself. Here are 20 trips to take in your 20s with both set locations and more meaningful places that are up to your interpretation.

1. A Solo Trip

Your twenties are about exploration and getting to know yourself. You’re newly independent and ready for adventure!

2. Someplace where you don’t speak the language

There’s no quicker way to remind you that you are a small part of humanity than by visiting a country with a completely different culture than your own.

france language french

3. Someplace meaningful to your family

When a trip holds a special place in your heart, your travel becomes twice as important. Have you always wanted to take your Mom to Niagara Falls? Do you want to see the town in Europe where your dad grew up? Now’s the time to book your tickets.

4. Las Vegas

Relax by the pool before heading out to the club or trying your hand at the craps table in Sin City.

las vegas twenty trips to take in your 20s

5. Music Festival

It doesn’t matter if you’re more Burning Man or Stagecoach, attending a music festival for one of your favorite performers is something every twenty-something should experience.


6. New Orleans for Mardi Gras

If authentic King Cake wasn’t enough, you’ll always remember (or maybe not depending on how many adult beverages you consume) the flying of beads after waking up at 7am to get the perfect parade spot. Most bars don’t close during Mardi Gras!

mardi gras new orleans

7. Something that scares you

Maybe long flights terrify you. Maybe you’re nervous to be in a country where English is not widely spoken. Push yourself to try new things!

8. Someplace where you need to learn a new skill

Have you always wanted to go spelunking? Learn to hula dance? One of the great parts of travel is journeying out of your comfort zone, so why not try something new? #addittotheresume

9. Visit a vineyard

For the most picturesque Instagram photo head to the vineyard. Learn about wine from the experts so you can impress your book club by describing the tannins and legs of your pinot noir.


10. Budget Backpacking Adventure

Even broke twenty-something can travel abroad! Throw the basics in a backpack and get ready for nights of hostels and Air BnBs.

11. Yacht Week

One of Croatia’s biggest annual events is Yacht Week, essentially a huge party on a fleet of boats.

12. Best Friend Getaway

Gather your favorite guys and girls and head out for a relaxing getaway. I’d recommend something beachy for maximum relaxation.


13. Visit A Great Wonder of the World

More than 100 million people voted for the New 7 Wonders of the World in 2007, which means 7 incredible additions to your bucket list!

14. Machu Picchu

Speaking of Great Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu is high on a lot of globe trotter’s bucket lists. The sprawling ruins are just a hop skip and a jump from Cusco.

15. Scuba in the Great Barrier Reef

Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef is the largest and healthiest in the world. Once you’ve gotten SCUBA certified, it’s good for life!

scuba diving home and a broad great barrier reef

16. Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is one of the cheapest travel destinations, making it perfect for broke 20-somethings who want a taste of another culture.

17. Alaska

You might not be able to see Russia, but you can see Denali, the highest peak in North America. Kayak past a glacier before enjoying some tax-free shopping.

18. Northern Lights in Scandinavia

The Aurora Borealis (more commonly known as the Northern Lights) is a gorgeous natural phenomenon that is more visible the closer to earth’s magnetic poles you go. The beauty of these rainbow lights can’t be fully captured in photographs, so why not go see it yourself?


19. Dubai

Test your bravery by venturing up the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Reward yourself afterwards at the world’s biggest mall, the Dubai Mall.

20. Cruise

Taking a cruise is a vacation like none other. Not only will you get to visit many ports of call, but you’ll return to land refreshed and well-rested.

Once you’re inspired to begin your travel bucket list, check out the travel products you’ll need to take with you!

20 Trips to Take in Your 20s

20 Trips to Take in Your 20s

20 Trips to Take in Your 20s

20 Trips to Take in Your 20s

20 Trips to Take in Your 20s

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