Red-Eye Flight Survival Tips

March 27, 2017

Red-Eye Flight Survival Tips


Red-eye flights are overnight flights that are much less romantic than they are portrayed on movies and TV. The pros of flying the red-eye are that you don’t lose a day of travel and you don’t have to shell out for a hotel. The cons can include glamorous things like arriving to your destination with deep purple under-eye bags due to the screaming infant that wouldn’t let you sleep, a sore neck from trying to sleep sitting straight up, or looking like a zombie because you are still wearing yesterday morning’s makeup.

I live in Los Angeles but take frequent trips to the East coast, so the red eye and I have become great friends. Through a tumultuous series of trial-and-error flights, here are the tips I would recommend to survive your red-eye.

Have a tried-and-true red-eye kit

Once I found the products I can’t survive a red eye without, I rounded them all up and store them together in my red-eye travel kit. My kit includes a sleep mask, a light fleece blanket, travel pillow, and over-the-ear headphones (they act as a pillow when you lean against them!).

Block out the noise

People often forget that planes are never truly silent. Takeoff and landing are loud, but when you’ve reached cruising altitude you will still be hearing noise. From the wind outside the plane to babies crying, it’s good to have a plan to block it all out. Occasionally planes will provide ear plugs, but it’s a good idea to pack your own along with your headphones and sleep playlist.


Book the right seat

Picking the right seat is all about what type of sleeper you are. As a side sleeper, I prefer the window seat so I have something to lean on. If you’re a back sleeper, go for the aisle or take one for the team and choose a middle seat!


Pack your AM essentials together

I usually wake up when the pilot announces we’re beginning our descent. This is the perfect time to get everything together so you can hop off the plane refreshed and ready to go. Brush your teeth or use a wisp, apply moisturizer, deodorant, and a dab of concealer to look like you’ve just returned from a spa instead of sleeping next to strangers!

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