5 Awesome Reasons to Visit Pixar Pier at Disneyland

5 Awesome Reasons to Visit Pixar Pier at Disneyland


Disneyland’s Instagram-worthy Paradise Pier has gotten a makeover. Right on the heels of the Incredibles 2 release, this iconic land in California Adventure has been rebranded as Pixar Pier. I visited to experience the Disney magic firsthand and discovered these five awesome reasons to visit Pixar Pier (especially during Pixar Fest – now through September 3).


You Can Revisit an Old Favorite Ride

Southern Californians have most likely been on Paradise Pier’s famous roller coaster California Screamin’ more times than they can count. The bones of this coaster remain the same (including the famous loop-de-loop!) with the addition of your favorite Incredibles characters as they chase after baby Jack Jack.

California Adventure Pixar Fest


Say Hi To New Characters

When I saw Edna Mode as I hopped off the Incredicoaster I just about lost my mind. Everyone’s favorite designer is now accepting visitors, dahling! You can also snap a pic with Mike and Sully, Russell and Dug, and the gang from Toy Story.


It’s Not Just for Kids

Grab a drink at the Lamplight Lounge (previously Cove Bar and Ariel’s Grotto) to cool off and recharge. I would recommend ordering the Lobster Nachos – my absolute most favorite thing to eat in Disneyland. The most popular drink that seemed to be in everyone’s hand was the Open Ocean with a Splash- a delicious frozen cocktail with raspberry rum, liquid alchemist orgeat, and agave. I may or may not have ordered two.

Lamplight Lounge


You Can Eat Your Weight in Candy

Life hack: candy makes a great souvenir. Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff is the newest candy shop on the block with saltwater taffy, rainbow tears, and other Inside Out merch. Best. Imaginary Friend. Ever.


There Are Tons of New Food Options

My biggest complaint about Paradise Pier was always that I had to walk SO FAR to get a churro (first world problems)! Well, cry over long churro treks no more. There are new food options from Angry Dogs to Senor Buzz Churros so you never have to leave Pixar Pier!

Adorable Snowman


Once you’ve had your fill of California Adventure, head over to Disneyland park and uncover the secrets of the Haunted Mansion for yourself.

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