6 Things You Have to Do in Amsterdam

6 Things You Have to Do in Amsterdam

It’s easy to fall in love with Amsterdam. There’s a charm in the strangers passing by on bikes, the colorful trees lining the canals, and the historic buildings sandwiched between small mom and pop shops. If you have a short amount of time in this city, be sure to try to do as many of these experiences as possible and soak in the culture.

Explore the Canals

Step aside, Venice!  The picturesque canals of Amsterdam provide the perfect conduit for a tour of the city’s best.


Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh is Amsterdam’s most famous artist with an incredibly interesting past. Take a guided tour and walk through Van Gogh’s life from his beginnings as an artist in Amsterdam to its sad end.


Anne Frank House

Visiting every history buff’s favorite Amsterdam location: Anne Frank Huis. Soak in the history and austerity of the home where Anne Frank hid and penned her famous diary. Lines for this one can be daunting, so buy online ahead of time.


Torture Museum

If a big baby like me can make it through the torture museum, you can too. History buffs will find the reasoning behind these medieval torture instruments, and lovers of all things creepy will love how, well, creepy it is.


People Watch at a Cafe

There are no bad views in Amsterdam. Try some Dutch cuisine and people watch the passersby. Take a quick jaunt from your hotel or Air B n B; I promise you’ll find a cute cafe on almost every corner.



Conveniently located right across from the Van Gogh museum, the Rijksmuseum boasts an impressive number of collections and the very Instagrammable “I Amsterdam” sign.

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