The 5 Best Escape Rooms in LA

The 5 Best Escape Rooms in LA


Escape rooms are a puzzle-loving dork’s dream activity. The escape room craze has been steadily gaining steam over the past few years, so I’ve scoped out some of the most fun and unique rooms in LA to try. Whether you’re a novice or a modern-day Nancy Drew, you’ll find the escape room for you!

Escape Room LA: The Alchemist

This was one of the first escape rooms I ever played and also one of the most difficult. I loved the magic touches and hidden secrets in this room. Use alchemy to create the four elements of earth and unleash the power of the philosopher’s stone!

Fox in a Box Room Escape: Prison Break

I love Fox in a Box for their theatricality, unique gameplay, and fun puzzles. You begin this escape room locked in a cell with your fellow inmates and need to find a way out before the sheriff comes back using only the tools in your cell. There’s a great mix of puzzles in this game and my group escaped with 21 minutes to spare – a personal record! This location offers fun twists on their other rooms – I will be back to a play head-to-head game of the Cold War Bunker room, and the bank heist room which is one of the most difficult in town.

Maze Rooms: World of Illusions

World of Illusions is one of the most difficult at Maze Rooms. I’d recommend this room for a bigger group of people with different strengths – outside-the-box thinkers, keen observers, and pattern masters. Cast spells and uncover magician’s secrets in this room of twists and turns.

60 OUT: Nautilus

This is a perfect escape room for beginners. You’re lost at sea, when a mysterious submarine picks you up. You have no idea who owns it or what they want…but you’ll find out. What makes 60Out different from other rooms? Damian Bosiacki, Operations Manager and VP of Design says “Our experiences are not just escape rooms — they are adventures with top-notch technology. In a 60out game, you will be unraveling a narrative as you interact with the world you’re immersed in. You’re playing a role in the story, and we’re counting on your team to push that story forward.”

Enigma Escape Rooms

This might be my favorite room in Los Angeles. A wealthy industrialist has been found dead in his seat during a production of Hamlet, so not only do you have to escape the theatre, but figure out who killed him and why. The puzzles were vital to the story, so you really feel like a detective solving a case. We escaped in the nick of time, but can you catch the killer?

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Some games were generously gifted to me, however all opinions are my own.

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