Disneyland’s Club 33

Disneyland’s Club 33


The entrance to Club 33 is nearly imperceptible. To enter, members press the small red button and state their name to a staff member. If granted access, they are welcomed into one of the most mysterious and glamorous restaurants in all of Disney. Located in the New Orleans square of Disneyland park, this exclusive restaurant and lounge was created as a quiet and formal setting for Walt Disney to host dignitaries and corporate bigwigs in 1967, and its doors are still open today.


Club 33 is the only place that sells alcohol in Disneyland park (not California Adventure). The restaurant serves French (New Orleans) and American cuisine. The average bill for two runs about $150 (before alcohol) so don’t forget your wallet! Check out the lunch buffet or the dinner menu!



Club Lore

The Club’s name comes from the address – 33 Royal Street- and is decorated like the French Quarter of New Orleans. The ornate French lift is the centerpiece of the entryway into the Club. It is still fully functional-take it over the stairs! Once upstairs, check out the phone booth. It was featured in the Disney film The Happiest Millionaire. In the Trophy Room, guests can catch a view of the animatronic vulture in the corner of the dining area. In its heyday, it would interact with guests but is no longer functional.


Though Disney doesn’t release an official Club 33 membership roster, there are assumed to be approximately 500 members. To be considered, you must write to:

Club 33 Member Services
1600 S. Disneyland Drive
Anaheim, CA 92802

After your letter has been received, you will be sent an information packet. If you still would like to be considered for membership, write back confirming your desire to be on the wait list. Then after one short decade of waiting, BOOM you’re (maybe) in!

In 2012, the Club allowed 100 lucky people off the waiting list for the first time in years. The initial cost of a business membership will run about $27,500 and an individual membership about $10,000, with additional annual fees. Rumored members include Tom Hanks, Christina Aguilera, and Elton John (all Disney film veterans!) Membership perks include free entry into the parks (!) and sneak peaks at new rides and attractions. Still dying to visit but can’t quite scrounge up 10k from between your couch cushions? No problem. Non-members can visit Club 33 as the guest of a member. Get to networking!


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