How to Search for Hidden Mickeys in Disney World

How to Search for Hidden Mickeys in Disney World


Disney is famous for hiding magic throughout its parks. One source of such surreptitious magic is the sprinklings of hidden mickeys found everywhere from rides to signs to even immortalized in concrete. So what exactly are Hidden Mickeys? They are small, Mickey-shaped designs that can be either the classic Mickey (a circle for the head and two smaller circles for the ears) or a profile view or silhouette.

According to Hidden Mickey Guy, hidden mickeys were created by the Disney Imagineers in the 70s and 80s when Mickey Mouse was considered to only be a Magic Kingdom character. They started hiding his likeness throughout EPCOT and the Mickeys grew from there!

Here are some examples of Hidden Mickeys I discovered on my latest trip (and first Hidden Mickey hunt!) to get you inspired.


Look High and Low

Hidden Mickeys are rarely easy to spot on first glance. Can you spot the Hidden Mickey in this picture taken at the Northwest Mercantile shop in the Canada pavilion in EPCOT?

Hidden Mickey Canada Pavilion


This one was listed as “a real tuffy” in The Hidden Mickeys of Walt Disney World, so let’s look a little closer. See it now on the fish?

Hidden Mickey


Ask For Help

Hidden Mickeys have been around for decades, so most cast members know where to find the tricky ones. If you don’t want a full-on spoiler, ask them to point you in the right direction to find the challenging Mickeys, like this tiny one in Magic Kingdom’s Main Street USA cement.

Main Street USA Hidden Mickey


Hidden Mickey Main Street USA

Come Prepared

If you’re looking to start searching for hidden Mickeys, I highly recommend The Hidden Mickeys of Walt Disney World by Kevin and Susan Neary. It’s compact enough to toss in your bag and take to the parks, includes pictures, and has specific locations in the back if you get super stuck.

Hidden Mickeys of Walt Disney World


Now that you have a head start, get out there and start hunting. First person to find every one gets a front row seat on Space Mountain. Happy hunting!

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