How to Souvenir Shop in Disneyland

How to Souvenir Shop in Disneyland

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Having to spend valuable vacation time shopping for other people can suck. At Disneyland Park, the shopping is almost as much fun as the rides! Here are some tips to pick out the perfect gifts for your family and friends the next time you souvenir shop at Disneyland.

1. Pick up souvenirs on the way out of the park

Main Street is rife with shopping. Instead of lugging your gifts from ride to ride, just pop into a shop on your way out of the park for minimal arm distress! If you just made it through the gates before realizing that you forgot someone on your list, the Disney Store in Downtown Disney is a few mere steps away.


2. The exception to rule #1: Buy ride-specific items in the gift shop

If you know for certain that you want a Star Tours-themed gift for your nephew, there will be no greater concentration of goods than at the gift shop near the rides.  If you don’t want to carry fragile items around, you can store your purchases in a locker on Main Street. Prices range from seven to fifteen dollars per day, depending on the size of the locker.


3. When in doubt, choose one of these items!


Wrappable, reasonably priced, and universally adored: candy and sweet treats are the souvenir trifecta! Candy can’t come in the wrong size or color, and is small enough to fit in a carry-on bag.


























Like candy, you can’t pick the wrong size puzzle. This is especially great for adults, grandparents, and people who you don’t know very well.



Mugs and Other Cozy Things

Here is some science for you: Nearly 100% of humans need water to survive. By that logic, every person could benefit from owning a mug! A mug or cozy blanket is something that people are unlikely to splurge on for themselves, but will definitely appreciate as a gift.














Need a break from souvenir shopping for some me time? Check out these tips on tackling Disneyland on your own!

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