Must-Have Items in Your Carry On

Must-Have Items in Your Carry On

We’ve all been there. You race through security, find your seat on the plane, only to discover you’ve left something you really need in your Uber or back at your apartment. Avoid that next panic with this checklist of must have items in your carry on:

Phone charger

Thankfully, airports are installing more and more charging stations, and updated planes have built-in charging ports in seatback pockets. But does anyone leave home without a phone charger these days anyways? I keep one at my desk at work, one in my car, one in my bedroom and one in my living room. I might as well have a landline at this point since my phone is always plugged in and charging (#SnapchatAddict).



Avoid unhealthy, overpriced airport food by throwing a few snacks in your bag. Granola bars, almonds, trail mix are good options because they travel well. Fruit is healthy but bruises easily, though apple slices will usually survive being jostled about. Add a few drops of lemon to them to prevent browning!



Most airline cabins are cashless, but it’s a good idea to keep some cash on hand for emergencies, taxis, tips for shuttle drivers or skycap.



Is there anything worse on a plane that getting stuck sitting near someone who thinks it’s ok to remove their shoes mid-air? If you absolutely need to take off your shoes, keep your toes warm and be considerate to your seat mates at the same time.


Hand sanitizer and/or anti-bacterial wipes

There’s no shame in wiping down your seat, armrests and tray table with anti-bacterial wipes before you settle in for a few hours.



You won’t be able to enjoy that inflight entertainment (barring any WiFi issues) without a pair of headphones. Noise cancelling headphones are expensive, but worth the investment if you travel often. I have an older version of the Beats Studio Wireless headphones and love them. In a pinch, the earbuds that came with your iPhone will do. However, the bulkier the headphones, the more likely your seatmates are to notice them, and not bother you.


Backup entertainment

You’re looking forward to binge watching your latest Netflix obsession on a long flight, or zoning out with a classic rom-com, only to discover that *of course* the plane’s WiFi isn’t working that day. That novel collecting dust on your nightstand that you haven’t had time to read? Toss it in your carry-on bag. Better yet, adult coloring books are relaxing AF.


Cozy and comfy scarf or shawl

This can double as a pillow, blanket or makeshift eye mask.


Do you have any of these skincare essentials in your carry on?

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