Skincare Products I Can’t Travel Without

Skincare Products I Can’t Travel Without


Is there anything worse than landing in your dream trip destination and facing a breakout and painfully dry skin? Probably, but it’s still no fun. After years of trail and error, overpacking and frantic overseas shopping after discovering a missing item, I’ve narrowed down the perfect amount of skincare to pack on any trip. These are the skincare products I always have in my carry-on:



I like to exfoliate my skin in the shower to get rid of build-up and dead skin cells one or two times a week. Avoid using one with plastic micro beads which are a scourge to the environment and opt for one with a natural grain. I’ve been using the classic St. Ives Apricot scrub for years which uses crushed-up walnuts to slough away dead skin.


I’m a firm believer in finding a product that works for you and sticking with it. I’ve been using the Clean & Clear Oil-Free deep Action Cream Cleanser since high school and I love how clean it makes my skin. It removes all traces of makeup without stripping my skin of moisture or causing breakouts. If you have a cleanser that works for you, keep a travel-sized tube of it with you at all times in case of a spontaneous trip.

Moisturizer with SPF

While traveling, you’ll probably be outdoors a lot. Moving from location to location, it’s important to protect your skin from the sun. Moisturize with a light lotion that includes SPF, like Mario Badescu Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 30.

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Makeup Wipes

Who actually wants to spend time doing an hour long skincare routine after a day of sightseeing? NOT ME! That’s why makeup wipes are the real MVP in travel. Find one that will break down makeup instead of smearing it across your face. Follow up with your cleanser, because makeup wipes may be convenient, but they don’t cleanse your skin completely.

Undereye Cream

It’s never too early to start wearing a daily undereye cream to prevent signs of aging. I use my ring finger to dab RoC Retinol Correxion eye cream gently on my under eyes every night. Retinol boosts collagen, evens out discoloration, and smooths skin for wrinkle-free eyes. The skin under your eyes is the thinnest, so apply before any thick serums or creams.

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A thick serum help to add moisture back into your skin and repair damage caused by traveling. Here’s where you can double up – find one with vitamins, minerals, or whatever your skin needs.


Got extra room in your suitcase? Look at you, girlfriend! Here are some things that are not necessary but fun to have.

Facial Spray

I’m obsessed with Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber, and Green Tea. Spritz it on to wake up and refresh after a long plane ride or sweaty day in the sun.

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Face Masks

If you have room in your suitcase, toss in a couple of your favorite sheet masks for an extra boost of something bougie. Put one on during your flight and doze off to frighten your seatmate, or lounge around your hotel room with a charcoal mask to feel extra pampered on vacation. I have traveled a lot without bringing masks, so it’s definitely something you can skip unless you have the room.

Where will you take your travel skincare essentials? For some inspiration, why not book one of these 20 trips to take in your twenties?

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