What’s in My Carry On Bag?

What’s in My Carry On Bag?

After seven months of planning, my trip to Europe is almost here! I will be cruising down the Rhine river and visiting the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Switzerland along the way. I will be bringing a checked suitcase, carry on suitcase, and a carry on bag. I’m a big fan of planning out my packing to avoid overpacking (usually I wouldn’t be bringing a checked suitcase for a 10 day trip), so my carry on bag essentials serve multiple functions. Check out what I’m bringing with me!

  1. RFID Blocking Passport Holder

Not only is this passport holder pretty, but functional as well. RFID-blocking passport holders protect your information from being electronically stolen by RFID skimmers. That’s right – someone can scan you and pick up all your information. That’s why I’m keeping my credit cards, ID, and passport together to protect them.


2. Sunnies
We will be taking off and landing during daylight hours, so sunnies are a must. These are also my most expensive pair and I wouldn’t want them to get crushed in a suitcase.


3. E-Reader

I’m a book addict and love to catch up on my reading during long flights. This is a NOOK Glowlight, so it can be read during the day or in complete darkness! Kindle and Nook apps are available to download on tablets, but I prefer to bring my Nook with me because it is smaller and conserves my iPad’s power.


4. Bag of Health & Beauty Essentials

Here is where I go more bare-bones than others – beauty essentials. I’ll be bringing moisturizing products and Advil, but no need to schlep my entire makeup case along with me! I can do that at the hotel.


5. Slim Cross Body

Cross body bags are the greatest invention ever. This one is from Kate Spade and is incredibly light and thin. I’ll toss my passport/credit card holder in here, throw it on, and head out to explore Europe without being weighed down!


6. iPad

My iPad is a long flight lifesaver! I download tons of movies and shows to keep me entertained for hours.


What are your carry on essentials?


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