Where To Sleep in the Moscow Airport

Where To Sleep in the Moscow Airport


Have you ever arrived at the Moscow at 2:45am completely exhausted with eight hours to kill until your next flight? I have, and not planning out a sleeping situation ahead of time was a mistake I will definitely not make again. The Moscow airport has some of the coolest places to crash during those overnight layovers, so learn from my mistakes and do your research ahead of time!

Sleep #1 The Capsule Hotel

Location: Terminal E, 3rd floor

The Capsule Hotel at the Moscow airport is one of the greatest travel inventions known to man. You can rent a small room with bed and private bathroom by the hour to catch a few z’s before your next flight. Don’t expect any extra amenities like a mini fridge or storage space, but since you will be renting a room by the hour you won’t even miss it. Book a room ahead of time since they go fast – you won’t regret it!


Sleep #2 The Sleep Pods

Location: Terminal E, 3rd floor (directly across from the capsule hotel)

If you don’t need a full room or just need a quick cat nap, you can rent a private sleep pod. Pull down the roll-top cover for complete privacy and emerged refreshed!


Sleep #3 Find a cozy bench

Location: All terminals

Save a few pennies and scout the seating areas for the coveted benches that are missing armrests. Bring an eye mask and thick blanket to stay warm and block out the light, because the sun can rise before 4am in the summer!


(kind of) Bonus: Lounges

If you’re not a member of the various Moscow airport lounges, you won’t be able to buy a day pass (trust me, I tried). But if you ARE a member, you can opt to nap in a more private location with amenities like snacks and coffee. Check out a complete list of lounges here.

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